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Physical vs. Virtual Tools for Building Community

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 by No comments yet

The Town Paper has a list of hundreds of mixed-use neighborhoods from across the United States and elsewhere.  They write…

The acronym TND stands for Traditional Neighborhood Development, a comprehensive planning system that includes a variety of housing types and land uses in a defined area. The variety of uses permits educational facilities, civic buildings and commercial establishments to be located within walking distance of private homes. A TND is served by a network of paths, streets and lanes suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles. This provides residents the option of walking, biking or driving to places within their neighborhood. Present and future modes of transit are also considered during the planning stages.

Public and private spaces have equal importance, creating a balanced community that serves a wide range of home and business owners. The inclusion of civic buildings and civic space — in the form of plazas, greens, parks and squares — enhances community identity and value.

In a way, Front Porch Forum is all about nurturing via the internet what these places try to do with bricks and mortar… a great sense of community.

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