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FPF posts “Good News” Stories rejected by Media

Posted on Monday, April 14, 2008 by No comments yet

It seems that traditional media gets knocked every so often for just reporting “bad” news… crime, war, fatal accidents, political fights, etc. I seem to recall hearing that “good” news isn’t, in fact, “news.” I think another take on this is that each “good” news story tends to be interesting only to a small group of people.

“Teen works on Eagle Scout project” is not front page news for a city, but it is something worth knowing for that boy, his family and friends, his neighbors, and those among us who enjoy hearing of such things.

Front Porch Forum is used daily as a conveyor of good news (among other uses). So, instead of all these wonderful little gems floating by unseen, now many happy tales are shared among nearby neighbors… typically not earth shattering, but reaffirming nonetheless. Here’s one that just arrived from Kim in a corner of Burlington’s Old North End…

“i want to thank Front Porch Forum for my new tuxedo kitty, gypsy. i saw an email on FPF from the lovely woman who took in a stray ‘waif’ kitty, seeking someone to adopt her. i am the new proud mama to sweet little gypsy & we’ve already started dancing together. thanks, FPF folks and fabulous ONE neighbors. happiness avails.”

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