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Happy reunion

Posted on Saturday, April 12, 2008 by No comments yet

Spring comes and cats roam, I guess. Front Porch Forum has seen a surge in “lost kitty” postings. Here’s one from Linnie in Burlington’s Old North End just today…

“Hi All – Thank you for your words of encouragement in finding my cat. The March 31st FPF post that was by Renee was about my cat. Before you judge though he was let out that day and picked up by Renee that day. She was just a cat lover and was worried. He ended up going to Addison county Humane Society. We picked him up and he was very happy to see us. He has a collar now and still likes to go outside but has staying close to home only to venture occasionally to Murray or Peru. He weighed in at 10lbs. Thank you to nice neighbors that look out for my cat. To the gentleman who told me to post here when I was posting fliers last Saturday THANK YOU SO MUCH if I didn’t listen I never would have gotten my cat. Thank you 100X over. My kids are so happy. To Addison Humane society thanks for making it so easy to get him. All I had to do is show Vet records and a pic. I love happy endings.”

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