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Soup Mama Delivers to the Neighbors

Posted on Thursday, March 6, 2008 by No comments yet

Congratulations to the Soup Mama, Lorraine Murray.  Nice coverage in today’s newspaper

The only thing better than a bowl of homemade soup in winter — at least for those of us who arrive home from work simultaneously with the family’s demands for food — is a bowl of homemade soup we didn’t actually have to make.

If that soup made in somebody else’s kitchen were actually delivered to our front door, why we might just fall down and kiss the hem of that cook’s garment.

And she exists, at least if you live in Burlington. Hooray for Lorraine Murray, the Soup Mama, who delivers her homemade concoctions door-to-door every Monday.

Murray, the 26-year-old mother of one, launched her business in October. It works like this: She posts her soup-of-the-week on the neighborhood e-mail newsletter, Front Porch Forum, and her Web site ( each week. Customers place orders by Saturday evening.

Lots of small and micro businesses use Front Porch Forum to get the word out about their offerings… another great use of this service.

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