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What’s “Allowed” on Front Porch Forum?

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2008 by 1 comment

We get this question all the time from members… “What can I post on my neighborhood’s Front Porch Forum?”

Well… just about anything. Have at it. Any message that doesn’t significantly detract from FPF’s mission of helping neighbors connect and foster community within the neighborhood is GREAT.

Think of a block party… what would you chat about with your neighbors… just about anything. (Just don’t be a bore. Posting about your real estate business once is wonderful. Posting about it once a week is the wrong idea.)

Politics? Religion? Well, if you’d feel comfortable bringing it up at the “block party,” then give it a shot. Keep in mind that all postings are automatically signed with your full name and the street you live on… and they only go to your nearby neighbors.

The point is to get neighborhood conversation flowing… online at first, but ultimately in person. From the virtual to the actual front porch. So please post! Here are some headlines from a variety of neighborhood forums over the past few days…

  • 2 days left in Richmond CFL challenge!
  • Another Neighbor Joins Forum
  • Appropriate use of Volunteer Forum?
  • Babysitter needed
  • Benefit Dinner for Refugee Resettlement Jan. 11
  • Bob’s iPod Found
  • Break-Ins in Nearby Neighborhoods
  • Building Codes, Ethan Allen, etc.
  • buildings and restoration
  • Burlington Schools Survey for all Residents
  • Burlington Telecom ***Special Offer***
  • car break-in
  • Cards Anyone?
  • CFL Question
  • CFL website
  • Children Product Recalls
  • Community Center Date Correction
  • Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb Question
  • Contra Dance Jan. 12
  • Down-sizing Sale Jan. 5
  • drumming for marathon (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Experience with Sears
  • Five Sisters House for rent
  • Free Furniture and Seeking Truck Rental
  • Free Parent Workshop Jan. 15
  • free press delivery comments
  • Free Press Response to Delivery Issues
  • free printer ink cartridges
  • garbage collection this week
  • Great UVM Exercise Class for 55 Plus!
  • Green Democratic Alliance Meeting Jan. 6
  • Grow-light system for sale
  • Happy New year
  • HCS Budget Meetings and Community Invitation
  • Historic Preservation Comment
  • Homeopathy Class in Essex
  • House sitter recommended
  • Housecleaner recommended
  • Ice rink update
  • In Defense of Home Rehab Comments
  • kids poles lost at Cochrans Friday
  • Lakeside Photos
  • Legislative Forum Jan. 2
  • Library Event
  • Library Newsletter
  • Library Trustee position open
  • Lost Gloves Project
  • Lost your house(?) key?
  • Loveseat Barter; Seeking Kittens
  • Lyric Theatre Company Auditions
  • Main St. Sidewalk Conditions
  • Mantle for Sale
  • Miniature poodle needs good home
  • Misc. For Sale
  • Moran Plant Meetings and Police Chief Hiring
  • More Neighbors Join Forum
  • More on Black cat
  • Music and potluck Jan. 4
  • myths about cats
  • Neighborhood Owl
  • Neighborhood sign replacement
  • Neighborhood Theft
  • New member
  • New Parks and Rec Programs
  • Package Delivery Perspective
  • Planet Huntington in January
  • Plumber recommendations please!
  • Police Response to Break-Ins
  • Roof Snow Idea Appreciation
  • Sandals Needed
  • School Survey Feedback
  • Seamstress Follow Up
  • Season pass to Smugglers Notch for Sale
  • Seeking Before-the-Bell Childcare
  • Seeking computer repair
  • Seeking Crayons
  • Seeking Good Sitter
  • Seeking grow lights
  • Seeking Puppy training and socialization
  • Seeking Snow Ban Parking Solution
  • Seeking snowplow service recommendations
  • Snow Ban Parking Ideas
  • Snow Issues and Business Appreciation
  • Snow on Roof
  • Snowblower questions
  • Special Thank you to…
  • still seeking doors
  • Support Local Restaurants and Community Center
  • Talent Search
  • talented seamstress in the neighborhood
  • Texas Hill Sewing
  • Thank you Trinity grades 1-3
  • Thoughts on Replacement Windows
  • Town Officials not on Forum… yet
  • Town Welcome Signs
  • Umbrella Found – Yours?
  • Use your Forum
  • vandalism on South Union St.
  • Welcome Neighbors
  • Winooski LIVE! January show
  • Winter Car Wanted
  • Youth Basketball Refs Needed

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One comment

  1. Yvonne Howlett says:

    Let’s Help our Postal Carrier!! I shoveled a path between our house and the neighbor’s because our daughter catches the bus at the end of their driveway. I happened to be outside when the postal carrier came by and he was so appreciative!! If we all made the effort to shovel paths between our houses, the postal carriers wouldn’t have to walk so many extra steps in the winter and we’d all get our mail sooner. If we all get started, folks who aren’t on the forum might pick up on it too!!

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