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Financial Contributions Needed and much Appreciated

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2008 by No comments yet

Front Porch Forum is a small start-up business that my wife and I have self-financed to date. We’ve been blown away by the incredible reception this free service has received from the more than 7,500 local households who have subscribed so far… better than 30% of Burlington, VT, our pilot city, is on board!

We’ve recently begun selling ad space on FPF to local businesses and nonprofits and this is going well, and we’re developing other revenue streams too. All told though, the business requires more income than it’s generating so far, so we’ve set up a contributions page for any and all who would like to support this ongoing effort financially. Donations to date have ranged from a few dollars to a few hundred… any amount is helpful in furthering FPF’s mission and is genuinely appreciated.

“We are delighted to support Front Porch Forum with a financial contribution, and feel we have seen firsthand the many benefits it brings to our neighborhood and the wider community. It is our pleasure (and responsibility!) to lend a hand.” —Siobhan Donegan, ONE Central Neighborhood Forum

Some particularly pleased members have elected for our monthly contribution plan… sign up once and your credit card automatically pays whatever sum you indicate each month… a kind of voluntary subscription fee.

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