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Mailman earns neighbors’ appreciation

Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 by No comments yet

I know people like to knock big institutions… take the U.S. Postal Service for example. But we’ve got a great postal carrier and perfectly fine post office. And now today Amy in another part of Burlington posts this on her FPF neighborhood forum

Hi Everyone: By now, you may have heard that our wonderful postman, Ralph, is retiring, and his LAST DAY on the job is Wednesday December 19th. He’s like one of the family, and will be impossible to replace. SO – how about we make December 19th into a wonderful neighborhood send-off for Ralph? If everyone left him a card, and did something special to express our gratitude (balloons, banners, marching bands, whatever!), he’d know how much we appreciate his years of devoted service, and that he’ll be missed. Let’s get creative!

What a great neighborhood!

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