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Every neighborhood needs a meeting place

Posted on Saturday, December 1, 2007 by 1 comment

Jean in Williston offered this to her neighbors via Front Porch Forum today…

Today is World AIDS Day and since my brother died of complications from AIDS in 1994 I am doing whatever I can to prevent others from catching it. I think honesty is the best policy and secrets make people sick. A more honest and caring society will keep us all healthier. That is why I’ve joined the cohousing movement where neighbors are encouraged to know and care for each other.

Every neighborhood in Williston could be a cohousing village if each neighborhood had a place specifically designated as a meeting place – just like the New England commons and meeting houses of our past. Does anyone know of a good meeting place in the Lawnwood neighborhood where we could all meet each other in real life? Thank you Marti for offering the public library, but it is not located in our Lawnwood neighborhood. Is there a meeting place at the new fire station?

Pinecrest Village has a pool house I could reserve for our first meeting. I was hoping I could persuade the developer to build a meeting place within his development. Maybe there’s still time.

Hope to meet you all before my townhouse is sold and I have to move to Burlington even if the best meeting place for now is the public library.

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One comment

  1. matthieu says:

    Hi, we just published a documentary on the cohousing phenomenon. It won an award at the 34th Ekotopfilm festival 2007 and was designed to show what is cohousing “from within” as a complement to the existing books.
    The trailer can be watched at
    Director of “Voices of Cohousing”

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