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Neighborhood Volunteers breathe life into FPF

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 by No comments yet

Alan Sousie of Burlington’s New North End posted this message today on his neighborhood’s forum…

I am sending out my encouragement to everyone for use and promotion of Front Porch Forum.   In my mind, the more we demonstrate the Forum’s usefulness by example, the more likely we are to get others to join us.   I consider the Forum to be a community voice.  With it we can encourage, serve, inform, debate, recognize, and protect our community.  With it we can buy, sell, barter, give away and recycle items that are appropriate to respectful and neighborly exchanges.   I believe that all computer literate persons would want to use this neighborhood network, if only they knew of its existence.   I believe it is up to us, who are already informed, to spread the word.  I urge everyone to recruit other Neighborhood Volunteers and other neighbors who will grow our Forum network.

Alan is on his ward’s Neighborhood Planning Assembly, the City’s Board of Health, and he’s an FPF Neighborhood Volunteer.  Thanks for all you do for your community Alan!

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