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Neighborhood organizers put FPF to work

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2007 by 1 comment

The Neighborhood Planning Assembly in Burlington’s New North End is recognizing neighbors who make a special contribution to community. Here are two they singled out…

CARMEN GEORGE: After the murder of two women in Burlington, Carmen didn’t feel as safe walking at night. She wanted to get some exercise but was a little too fearful to go out by herself. She wondered if there were others who might be interested in getting out at night.She sent out an email on the Front Porch Forum. It was a simple invitation to go for a walk. The response was good, mostly mothers who were up for getting out of the house for a bit and having some good adult conversation. It’s a nice way to connect.

Carmen does a lot of other things in the neighborhood. She plans block parties, progressive dinners, playdates. She likes knowing her neighbors. She lived in a neighborhood growing up that was close knit and she wants that for her daughter. “We don’t want to walk down the street and see strangers, we want to be among friends.” Thanks to Carmen, this is becoming a reality for many people in her neighborhood. We salute you, Carmen.

I love Carmen’s quote… “We don’t want to walk down the street and see strangers, we want to be among friends.”

BOB DINAN organized a neighborhood sporting event using Front Porch Forum.

  • Softball, Soccer, Frisbee (Ultimate) Is anyone in the “Neighborhood” interested in putting together a neighborhood game of some sort? Nothing ultra-competitive, keeping it fun, maybe even playing against another neighborhood. Any ideas?
  • Neighborhood softball Friday August 3rd at 6:45 I was communicating with Jim Flint and we decided to try for next Friday. It will be at the Flynn school. I have a few bats I can bring, one is a smaller one for kids. If anyone else has a favorite bat bring it along.
  • Just a reminder and a note to the new people we are having a softball game this Friday at the Flynn School field on Starr Farm Rd. Time 6:45pm, meet & make teams, hopefully start playing by 7:00pm. All are welcome.

This is the awakening neighborhood spirit that Front Porch Forum has brought to us via the internet.

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