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Glasses found, Neighborhood the better for it

Posted on Saturday, September 15, 2007 by No comments yet

This kind of thing happens so frequently in neighborhoods that embrace Front Porch Forum, that it slips my mind to share.  So, here are two postings from the Five Sisters Neighborhood Forum.  First from Lanny last night…

pair of women’s glasses found near Catherine Street. seem to be prescription. brown and blue narrow plastic frame. call Beth.

And then from Sara this morning…

These were mine! and while I’d finally given in and replaced them this week, I don’t like the new glasses as much and was feeling bereft. Just thought you might like another success story!

(1) Immediate problem solved.  (2) Two more neighbors become acquainted in a way that they’ll likely remember next time they bump into each other.  (3) The sense of community within the neighborhood — of neighbors watching out for each other — grows just a tiny bit.  Day after day, neighborhood after neighborhood.

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