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Neighbors watching out for each other

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2007 by No comments yet

Earlier today we saw on the ONE Central Neighborhood Forum in Burlington’s Old North End…

My bike with kids tag-a-long and kids helmet were stolen yesterday from in front of the Multi-Generational Center on N. Winooski yesterday at 4:40. It was a dark green trek “ladies” knobby tired bike and a dark green alley cat shadow tag-a-long. The helmet was red with cars on it. A guy was seen riding south on it. If you know anything call. Thank.

And now this evening the beginning of a happy ending…

I found a guy with my bike today. I left the guy but took the bike. He gave it back very easily and said he was “borrowing” it from someone else. Unfortunately the tag along was no longer tagging along with it. (Hey “John” If you are reading this please ask the guy you borrowed my bike from to let you borrow the bike that was attached to it and get it back to me…) Thanks to the Front Porch Forum posting, a friend was able to recognize the helmet by her dumpster as the one that was stolen with the bikes, and so we got that back too! I suppose there is a moral in here somewhere. 1 bike and helmet back in my possession. 1 dark green alley cat shadow tag-a-long still out there in the dark somewhere.

This whole incident stinks! But I love to see neighbors helping neighbors.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Melissa just weighed in too, from a few blocks away…

On Saturday Sept. 8th mine and my neighbors bikes were stolen right out of the back yard right in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight.
-Mine is a purple & silver Road master women’s bike. Also has (Designed for women) printed on the side of the seat. Another clue that it is mine is that the brakes do not work.
-My neighbors bike is a maroon mountain bike.
These bikes may have been abandoned together. If you see them please call me. Thank you very much.

UPDATE 2: More success on the first theft, from Meghan…

So, because of the posting about the stolen bikes on Front Porch Forum everything got returned.  The tag-along bike was found in a dumpster on Grant st.   when J read the post she knew to call me and tell me she had found it. I’m just glad the joy-riding bike thief lives in my neighborhood and discarded the parts he didn’t need within my FPF reading area!

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