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Himmelstein on Google and Local Search

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2007 by No comments yet

Marty Himmelstein writes today in Screenwerk about Google and local search. I recommend reading the whole piece. Himmelstein appears to be thinking systemically… holistically. Impressive… even if his state is upside down.

And given Front Porch Forum‘s initial local success, his recognition of neighborhood’s role is noteworthy…

The importance of community and neighborhood to local search: The fundamental role of a community in local search is to establish an environment of trust so that users can rely on the information they obtain from the system. Businesses exist in a network of customers, suppliers, municipal agencies, local media, hobbyists, and others with either a professional or avocational interest in establishing the trustworthiness of local information. These community members can contribute unique perspectives to create a rich and accurate depiction of the businesses with which they are involved.

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