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Broken Window, Curious Neighbor and FPF

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 by No comments yet

On Sept. 3, Front Porch Forum member Rob posted on the ONE West Neighborhood Forum…

A few nights ago, maybe 3 or 4 days back, at about 4am, there was a loud noise of breaking glass. It sounded like a storefront window had shattered. It was near the corner of North Street and Park Street. Police were called, 3 cruisers responded and they were parked the wrong way on Park Street while the scene was investigated — did anyone ever hear about what happened?

Now today (Sept. 5) he writes again…

Thanks to any and all who responded to my request.  I am sure there have been several incidents of broken glass in the neighborhood recently.  The definitive reply to my specific question came from Andi Higbee of the Burlington PD, who told me: “it was a burglary into Pete’s Ice Cream.  We apprehended 2 people and they were both charged.” Thanks to Lt. Higbee for the information from BPD. And thanks to my FPF neighbors!

This is the everyday low-key kind of thing that makes Front Porch Forum work for so many people.  Not only did Rob get his answer, but he connected with several nearby neighbors who he probably didn’t previously know, AND hundreds of FPF members in the neighborhood were informed of the crime and police work.

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