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social networking mom sites dime a dozen (or $5M for one)

Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2007 by No comments yet

Seems a new mom-focused social networking website pops up every week lately.  I know Gannett has one in our area through it’s newspaper.  And a  grocery vertical I learned about recently is providing its client grocery store chains with just such a tool.  I’ve heard good things in the past about the DC Moms Yahoo Group.  Now today from Greg Sterling

Mom-oriented social network CafeMom just received $5 million in funding and BabyCenter, which I just wrote about, relaunched the site with many more social media features.

Women and moms are are the intersection of a number of important online phenomena, including social media and commerce. They are the most influence and important audience when it comes to transactions.

Front Porch Forum‘s approach is to help mom’s in a neighborhood get to know one another so that they can then talk in person, form toddler playgroups, babysitting coops, etc.  And plenty use their FPF neighborhood forum for direct “looking for a babysitter” or “stroller for sale” type postings.  Since most mom sites are about connecting with strangers, why not do the same with a group in your own area?  And actually get to know them… in (gasp!) person?  And no need to limit it to just females… I love taking our little ones to the neighborhood playgroup.

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