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Yahoo! Local invests in redesign

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 by No comments yet

As noted by Mike Boland and Peter Krasilovsky today, Yahoo! Local just rolled out its first redesign in two years with a focus on user-generated content. I know this is a big deal and involves huge sums of money, advertisers and visitors… but I’ve never had anyone tell me that they use this service… an arbitrary measure, but one that’s hard for me to shake. Peter K. compares it to an Oldsmobile… and I guess I’ve never had anyone crow about their Oldsmobile to me either… solid, always there.

Does GM still make Oldsmobiles?

UPDATE:  Some more reviews of Yahoo! Local’s changes.  First, eNeighbors does a good job sussing out Yahoo’s potential to get neighbors providing content to each other.  Here’s someone echoing what we’ve been finding with Front Porch Forum.

And Greg Sterling weighs in… interesting comments to his post.

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