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“Next Big Internet Thing?”

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Pramit Singh ponders “the next big internet thing” today from New Delhi…

After the blogging, user-generated content, Citizen Journalism, Youtube,, Digg, I am tempted to believe that nothing new, exciting and useful has come on to the scene and that this is a phase of consolidation and rejiggling of business models….

While Backfence failed to bring Citizen Journalism to every town USA, others like Front Porch Forum, iBrattleboro,, New Assignment and Assignment Zero (which is now over) took CitiJ to new levels.The Knight 21st Century News Challenge promises to support better news innovations and we will be better for them.

It’s amazing to see FPF’s humble efforts begin to register on “what’s next on the web” postings.

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