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North vs South – The Rumble at the Ramble

Posted on Friday, July 20, 2007 by No comments yet

This sounds fun. From a posting on today’s ONE Central Neighborhood Forum.  I’m pulling for the South End!

Field Days – North End Ramble – South End vs North End

Hey folks – as many of you know the North End Ramble is taking place this next coming weekend. JULY 28th. I believe the Studio STK people know a lot about the events – and the Crombie Street Block Party always rocks.

My particular part is helping to organize the Field Day Event. Where the North End hosts the South End in what is called “The Rumble at the Ramble” – or “War of the Wards” – whichever you like. Don’t let the names scare you though, last year was one of the most friendly competitions I have ever seen – water balloon toss – 100 (aprox) yard dash – hula hoop perseverance – standing long jump – shotput with a bowling ball – the mile – sack race – a race I invented called “20-20” where you spin around 20 times and have to run 20 yards and back – arm wrestling – possibly more events – and all culminating in a giant tug-of-war.

Last year the South End won – the trophy is at the Muddy Waters. Could the North End win this year and see the trophy displayed at the Radio Bean?

Details – meet and sign up and High Noon at Battery Park on Saturday. We will do some warm up exercise and get going around One. Stay for as long or as little as you want. To volunteer to help email me – ( we do need some things brought to the event still). Bring some watermelon! Last year it all took about two hours, was a ginormous amount of fun, and everyone went on the enjoy the North End Ramble, which is what we are shooting for this year too.

Will the South End rise again? Will the North End bring its “side pride”?

Confused about which End of Burlington you live in? Bank Street is the deciding line we decided on. Also – out of town guest are welcome – which side of (44°28’N) Longitude they live decides what team they are on.

Michael J. Nedell

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