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“Why I Love Front Porch Forum”

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 by No comments yet

A wonderful note from Rosemary to her Starr Farm Neighborhood Forum today…

To all in Starr Farm neighborhood: While browsing one day I discovered when it was just the “Five Sisters” of the South End. I was curious because I was born there (Catherine Street) and lived there with my children later. I expressed an interest in Starr Farm neighborhood, and lo and behold, became the founding member!

I was ready to begin my contribution if, and when, the sidewalk snowplows once again tore up the front lawns, but it didn’t happen this year!

Meanwhile I love hearing how many neighbors have joined and love watching the “happenings” of this end of town. It is reassuring in this day that people are still generous, kind and caring about the people who live in this town. In short they are still “Neighborly.”

Hope I can someday be of real help to someone in need.

Thank you, Rosemary… what a lovely sentiment.

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