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Indoor Farmers Market for Burlington?

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2007 by No comments yet

Here’s an interesting post from today’s ONE West Neighborhood Forum about the old armory at Main and Pine Streets in Burlington, VT.  It’s most recent incarnation has it hosting Sha Na Na’s (right?) club with several small offices above.  Dave D.’s idea reminds me of Eastern Market in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.

So… anyone care to discuss hopes for 101 Main St.  Given that without community intervention, it’s liable to become yet another jewelry store or glass pipe shop – I thought it would be great to hear people’s hopes for this fantastic old building.

Here goes… Personally, I’d love to see a large public market – similar to Pike’s Place (Seattle, WA), North Market (Columbus, OH), etc.

The ideal environment could provide a great community venue with real-live local small businesses.  Perhaps one floor as small business incubator & another with more temporary “booth”-style traffic – ala juried/monitored flea market.  Imagine something of Farmer’s Market, Artist’s Market/ART-HOP, alternative transportation hub, strolling in the park, city hall meeting place & simple community necessities all under one roof on Main St. The focus could be on filling the city’s gaps – rather than competing with existent local businesses.

At any rate – I think it’d be great to bring that style environment to Burlington – what do you think????  -Dave D., Pitkin St.

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