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Friendliness makes the neighborhood

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2007 by No comments yet

Front Porch Forum operates under the assumption that when neighbors communicate frequently in civil, constructive ways with all parties clearly identified, that over time all those exchanges will add up to a stronger sense of community.  So while FPF members partake in many of the wonders of contemporary online social networking (buy, sell, trade, free, referrals, politics, organizing, reviews, news, advice, etc.), it all adds up to a more neighborly place to live… because all those folks coming at you through your computer are nearby neighbors who will be seen next time you walk the dog, sweep the walk, check the mail, etc.

Now this from Kevin Harris in the land of “Neighbourhoods” discussing a new report in the U.K. that…

… appears to suggest that the most important factor for people who expressed satisfaction with their area, was that ‘people are friendly.’

The negative factors were all about disorder… The implication seems to be that if you invest a lot in helping local people to get involved… you still cannot necessarily expect them to feel more satisfied with where they live.

Whereas, it would seem, were you to invest in people being friendly to one another (and get results from that investment), you could expect that to show up in your satisfaction survey in a couple of years time. Yet another argument for more street parties and new ways of promoting neighbourliness. [emphasis added] It does seem as if  social relations and behaviour at local level are gradually coming to be perceived as being of significance.

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