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When Members Sell Your Service better than You

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 by 1 comment

I attended a wonderful event in the neighborhood this evening hosted by Burlington’s SEABA (South End Arts and Business Association) and located in Lake Champlain Chocolates‘ newest building.  LCC CEO Jim Lampman shared stories of their success over the past 25 years and then architect John Anderson, who designed the project, talked of his vision of a vibrant, walkable Burlington… where people can’t help but keep walking, drawn from one interesting block to another by art, architecture, parks, views, etc.

As I mingled with the crowd afterward, I was struck that in each small group of people where I stopped to chat, Front Porch Forum would come up.  As I prepared to explain the service to those unfamiliar with it, I repeatedly was brushed aside by a current FPF member who would extol its virtues and implore the uninitiated to go right home and sign up!  In each case, they were more emphatic than I would ever be… and they each had a first-person story to tell of how it was working for them in their neighborhood.

Outsold by our own members… we must be on to something!

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  1. […] One of the good folks I met at the SEABA event the other evening just followed up our conversation with the kind posting below.  Thanks Barb! “I had an extra ticket for a concert at the Flynn and posted it for sale on Craig’s List. After three days with nary a bite, I  tried the Front Porch Forum and received a response the following morning. Nice going!”  -Barbara Smorgans Marshall, Redrock Neighborhood Forum […]

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