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Lightning Strikes… Inside House!

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this… from the Huntington Neighborhood Forum…

We’d like to see if anyone knows who we could talk to about lightning in our house… yes IN our house. Our home is built over a fair amount of ledge and from what we understand lightning travels along ledge. We actually see flashes in the house in usually one area (N) although the storm a couple of weeks ago produced flashes in the basement (S) and at our barn. There is also a big pop, kind of like a large flash cube going off. We unplug the computer & phone but have still lost the phone. We are off grid and it must have struck the system because it was a bit messed up for a while and got it our DC freezer. A $300 storm! A light in the barn, that was off at the time flashed on when that was happening at the house. It’s scary! We’re wondering about grounding the house and have in the past called about lightning rods but the cost was VERY prohibitive for us, we’re talking over $10,000!!!

This has been going on for a while and seems to have gotten worse over time. Any thoughts or ideas would be very appreciated!

Any ideas? I’ll pass them along via Front Porch Forum.

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