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Fun Headlines of the Day

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 by No comments yet

Always interesting at Front Porch Forum world headquarters.  Here are a few member headlines from today…

1.  Stuffed dog-model wanted (cat and toddler too) – from The Addition Neighborhood Forum.  The local Humane Society want lifelike stuff creatures to use in evaluating and training their animals and new pet-owners.

2.  Free bags of dog fur – from the Centennial Neighborhood Forum.  Tempting, I know.  The person posting thought some gardeners might find it helpful in warding off pests.  It would keep me away. 😉

3.  Metal detector needed! – from the Crescent Woods Neighborhood Forum.  Only the title came through, followed eight minutes later by a retraction. Metal detected?  Emergency passed?  Now I’m curious!

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