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Email Newsletters Going Strong

Posted on Friday, May 4, 2007 by No comments yet

Front Porch Forum, according to our happy subscribers, has great content.  And it currently offers two forms of distribution… email and web.  We’ll likely add an RSS feed in the future, and evolve from there.  However, the use of email is an important ingredient to our initial success.

Since we’re aiming to serve any and all people who are online, we’re focused on the lowest common denominator technology… and that’s email.  While it may be pass© for heavy-duty internet users, I’d guess that the majority of Americans use email on a regular basis… and way more than RSS, etc.  We have many subscribers who are seniors using AOL dial-up on a Windows 95/98 box.

So it was interesting to just read the following from The Local Onliner…

Most of us get a lot of e-newsletters every week. Most of them are powered by Constant Contact. But, given the alternative means that local businesses have to communicate (blogs, RSS, videos, podcasts, etc.), is the era of the e-newsletter fading?

Constant Contact doesn’t think so. The 250-person, Mass.-based company has 100,000+ accounts. “We’re continuing to move up significantly,” says Senior VP Eric Groves. The majority of accounts are in the lower tier client base, paying $15 or $30 per month.

Read more here.

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