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Rent-a-Husband Encounter Ends Poorly

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2007 by 2 comments

As reported here previously, some Front Porch Forum members in the ONE West Neighborhood Forum have taken exception to the name of the local hardware store’s Rent-a-Husband handyman service.  Today a neighbor subscribed to FPF and then provided this update to the controversy…

I’d like to add a little something in regards to the Rent a Husband campaign…  I stopped into the store today and the sign is up again.  The last time I was there it was down (maybe it just fell down or something) but I thought it was gone for good.  Went in today and it was up again.  I went to speak to the owner/manager who was at the paint desk, just standing there.  I told him – in a very reasonable tone of voice – how disappointed I was that it was still there.  Then paid for my purchases and drove over to pick up the bag of concrete I’d bought.  Seconds later the manager came running out of the store yelling at me.  He said I was rude every time I came into the store (Uh?????) He also called me inconsiderate. (Uh?????)  And continuously called me rude over and over.  Then he informed me that I am banned from the store for eternity.

Now listen – I can be a bit of a brassy broad, but rude?  I don’t think so.

Well… I haven’t heard from the store owner, but I do know that this particular store plays an important role for a good many Burlingtonians… I’m not sure banning customers is the best long-term approach.  There must be a constructive solution out there somewhere.

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  1. Duncan Sprinkle says:


  2. regina says:

    these people who have a problem with rent a husband should then not rent one. the rest of us who appreciate the help/service we’ll do the renting. they should just go on with their, I guess, boring lives if this is what they are concerned about. everyone should stop taking things all so personal – go volunteer someplace or just have a glass of wine and chill-out. I have tons of work for the service to help me with (since I had cancer and can sure use the help)

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