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Buffalo Rising Online Effort

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2007 by No comments yet

The Local Onliner reports today about Buffalo Rising, the monthly magazine in Buffalo, NY, and it’s efforts to combine its paper and online offerings.

Building the perfect template for hyper-local media has been the endgame for a number of companies – BackFence, American Town Networks, Pegasus News, and Citysquares, to name a few.

HyperLocal Media has been working at it as well, focusing on the synergies of a print/offline model to effectively sell advertising to the community. Since I profiled the company last June, it has built a custom headquarters in cheap-rent Buffalo, and continued finessing its tools and services with Buffalo Rising. In my view, the site is easily one of the best up and running…

Lots of interesting insights from these folks in this posting… read more.

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