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Rent a Spouse?

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 by 1 comment

A local hardware store is running ads for its handyman service, called “Rent a Husband.” A friend, John Grimm, took them to task via his ONE West Neighborhood Forum awhile ago and several other neighbors then piled on. He talked to the business owner, which didn’t seem to go anywhere. Then yesterday I saw that the local daily paper finally printed John’s Front Porch Forum piece (I assume he submitted them at the same time).

So today’s posting by a woman in the Richmond South Neighborhood Forum made me smile…

Seeking “handy” person… or a “husband”. My Brian doesn’t want to HAVE to do anything domestic when he gets home from work and my honey-do list has gotten really long. My honey won’t and I can’t. If you know someone handy for hire, please let me know. Thanks.

I hope she finds someone… my honey-do list is getting a bit ripe too!

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One comment

  1. […] Paula Routly has a good piece about a local hardware store’s “Rent-A-Husband” service in today’s Seven Days. The dust on this was first kicked up by John Grimm when he joined Front Porch Forum and posted his thoughts… past postings here and here. […]

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