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Lost and Found: Dog and Glasses

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Front Porch Forum is often used as a lost and found among neighbors… keys, cell phones, cats, hats and gloves. This week it was dogs and glasses.

From The Addition Neighborhood Forum:

Hello Neighbors – Yesterday while walking my dog I took off my dark glasses (prescription bifocals and very new) and put them in my jacket pocket because they were fogged up. Somewhere en route they fell out of my pocket. If you spy them, could you please give me a call? Many thanks.

Three days later… success!

Hello – Thank you to the neighbor who retrieved my glasses and got them back to me. Great neighborhood to live in!

This past week a member of the South Union Neighborhood Forum posted:

A woman who lives [nearby] had someone break into her apartment which resulted in her dog escaping through a window that was left open by the intruder. Please be on the look-out for her very friendly 2 year old dog. The dog is a border collie mix, black/brown/white, wearing a blue collar. If found or seen anywhere, please call her. She is also offering a reward.

At the same time, a member of the adjacent Summit Neighborhood Forum wrote:

Found Dog! I know I have seen this dog in the Summit Street neighborhood with owner but don’t know who you are?! The Dog is a multi-colored Border Collie?! Beautiful Dog and very friendly. Please call me to claim.

Good news… word spread from one neighborhood to the next and the connection was made:

Thank you all for your phone calls. The dog found in the Summit Street area was the dog lost in the So. Union area and safely returned. Dog and Owner are re-united. Thank you all again.

Seems that word spreads from one neighborhood forum to another through various means… this merits further study.

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