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VPR covering Front Porch Forum

Posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 by 1 comment

A story about Front Porch Forum will air tomorrow (Dec. 20, 2006) on Vermont Public Radio’s Morning Edition at 7:49 AM. That’s 107.9 FM around Burlington. We’ll have the audio version on our Media page after the fact. Thanks to Mitch Wertlieb and Ben Embry of VPR.

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One comment

  1. Michael says:

    Wow! Dozens of new members joining Front Porch Forum after hearing VPR’s Morning Edition today. A few of the many lovely comments arriving today:

    1. “Really enjoyed hearing about Front Porch Forum on Public Radio’s Morning Edition today. Great job explaining it and I’m sure all our other neighbors who are part of the Forum feel the same glow of pride that I do – Thank you for all you do.”

    2. “I wanted to congratulate you on your success. Such a great idea. I heard you on VPR this morning on my way into work and almost drove off the interstate… my grin was so big that my eyes squinted closed!”

    3. “Heard the interview on Public Radio this morning. Congratulations! Great stuff. I’ve been reinspired to get more folks on our street signed on, so I’m going to flyer each front door tomorrow. Keep up the great work. You’ve created an invaluable service.”

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