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“How could I possibly resist joining my neighborhood’s forum?”

Posted on Friday, December 1, 2006 by No comments yet

Closing its third full month of operations in metro-Burlington, Front Porch Forum counts about 2,500 households as members. That’s 5% of the county; 12% in Burlington. A couple neighborhoods have more than 80% of homes participating, about 15 are at 20-40%. Folks report joining because a friend or neighbor told them about FPF.

And member comments tilt strongly positive. We get lots of unsolicited notes like the following from today:

How could I possibly resist joining my neighborhood’s forum? I know a good idea when I see one! I am looking forward to learning more about what’s happening around here with people, places, and things. -Elise Eaton, Burlington


I must say, this forum has been absolutely wonderful for me and my family!! Canning jars, baby clothes, great community interaction!! Congrats to you! -Heather Armata, Westford

Thanks to our members for joining and participating, and especially for spreading the word to others. More neighbors taking part makes each forum more useful for everyone.

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