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Dog Not Rabid – Front Porch Forum Rocks!

Ellen posted this on her local FPF today…

Man on Railroad Bed Sunday… Our son was biking on Sunday with a friend and you were walking with your 2 black dogs between Marshfield and Plainfield on the railroad bed. Your dog bit our son and we don’t know if your dog’s rabies shots are up to date. Please call immediately. Thank you.

And her good-news follow up posting…

We immediately got a call from the dog owner who was watching FPF for a note about it!! We are so relieved and grateful to know his dog is vaccinated! Front Porch Forum saves the day!

Hansel back home in Cabot now

Posting published on the Cabot Front Porch Forum Saturday…

Hansel is a shepherd/lab mix, black with tan markings on his chest and legs. He’s wearing a blue collar on which is written my phone number (though it may have rubbed off). He ran off with my landlord’s dog mid-morning on Saturday. Landlord’s dog was discovered in front of Cabot General Store late afternoon Saturday, Hansel is still wandering.  Hansel is friendly and will come when called.  Please call with any sightings or information about my best friend.

Followed by this one Sunday…

Hansel was several miles away, in lower Cabot. He’s home now, safe, exhausted, limping a bit. Many thanks to all who were watching for him.

And infinite thanks to FPF who posted an entire forum that contained only the posting from me about Hansel. I won’t wait until I win the lottery. I’m making a donation to Front Porch Forum this week. It is an invaluable and vital connection for us all.

Moose in Burlington’s Five Sisters neighborhood

Shared by Sue on today’s Five Sisters Front Porch Forum

image-2Roger, sharp-eyed and vigilant Charlotte Street neighbor, caught a snap of our Tuesday morning neighbor…

Reports Roger: “It was surreal seeing a moose waltzing down Charlotte St.”

Neighborhood dogs (well, one in particular) say: “Surreal schmurreal. Where’s the blood pressure medicine?”

Others reported on FPF seeing the moose near Oakledge Park.

Check out Nik’s video in the comments… next to Calahan Park in Burlington.

Tires? Try your neighbors

From Penny tonight on the Morrisville FPF…

Hi Neighbors!  If you are like me the markings on your tires are written in another language! I mean 205/55/R16? What the heck?

Any way several months ago a fella from Front Porch Forum sent me some information on tire sizing and I came across this web site which is SO easy to use. You put in the make and model of your car and year and it tells you all kinds of tires that will fit your car! I also double check with my car fella just to make sure…

Also I want to post a HUGE thank you to FPF. Today in just 2 hours I found my second set of summer tires for the season! Also last fall I found my sister and friend winter tires within days!