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Windblown snow tube recovered half-mile away by Hyde Park neighbors

“Thanks to a kind-hearted neighbor, our snow tube was FOUND! It traveled about 1/2 a mile and crossed Battle Row, but our neighbor kept it safe for us. Front Porch Forum helped us get the word out about it being lost, so we’re thankful for FPF too. Gotta love Hyde Park! Thanks, Fred.”
• Jon and Deb, Hyde Park FPF

“Glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception”

“I received a large number of responses to my ‘looking for a house’ posting. I am in the process of reading each one and plan on thanking the senders individually. But in case someone falls through the cracks of my responding, I want to offer this public THANK YOU. I love how responsive and supportive the community is. It’s things like this — along with reading about a person losing her credit card AND someone turning that same credit card into the police station in that same FPF issue — that make me glad to be a Vermonter, where good neighbors are the rule rather than the exception.”
• JD, Montpelier FPF

50+ sisterhood forming in Lamoille County

“After reading about the crafters group (I’m not a crafty), I was wondering if there are neighbors out there who would be interested in a social group for people age 50 and up for getting together once a month for a book club, a dinner, a movie, walking, coffee, etc. I’m busy working all the time and figured I need some balance in my life in the new year! Don’t be shy. Just email.”
• Gabriele, Morrisville FPF

“Our 50+ social group is up and running. We had a wonderful, very diverse evening of sisterhood last night with many more to come! This would not have been possible without Front Porch Forum. A big THANK YOU to FPF from all the fantastic women in our new group.”
• Gabriele, Morrisville FPF, week later

Many Vermonters use FPF to turn online social networking into real-world groups of friends and neighbors.  Give it a try in your town.

Grateful for Randolph neighbor’s expression of gratitude

“When I saw the headline “Gratitude” I felt warmed. Just to know that another Front Porch Forum member is feeling gratitude for this forum, and for all the aspects of community that promote a better life around here, feels good. And to be reminded of the need to express and receive the warmth that accompanies gratitude is a helpful thing. So, thanks for the good vibes, Nancy! Happy New Year!”
• Josie, Randolph FPF

What are you grateful for today?  Share with your neighbors on FrontPorchForum.com.

Montpelier grocery clerk’s Christmas Eve kindness

“On Christmas Eve, my friend dropped her cell phone at Shaw’s shortly before they closed early for the holiday. A young man, who is a Shaw’s employee, found it and hung around in the empty parking lot until she could retrieve it. He waited for a bit for her to arrive. She didn’t get his name… and he refused any tip. Kudos to this young man for his kindness to a stranger. He made it possible for my friend (who heavily relies on her cell phone) to have a Merry Christmas.”
• Joanne, Montpelier FPF

Good deeds in your neighborhood?  Share on your Front Porch Forum.