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Vancouver-ite’s take on Burlington

In a posting selling four used snow tires on the Far North End FPF, Jay shared yesterday…

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how wonderful Front Porch Forum and Vermont are. My family and I moved here from Vancouver British Columbia last summer. We moved here for work and was told about FPF by our landlord. Unfortunately, work isn’t working out for us and we have to move back to Vancouver in the coming months. We have mixed feelings about moving home. Vermont and in particular Burlington is a wonderful place with a fantastic sense of community. We are going to miss that dearly. My wife and I, despite living in a large city for a number of years, both come from smaller towns. We did a lot of research when deciding to move and thought Burlington was similar to what we wanted in a city. We weren’t disappointed.

Our only regret is not posting to FPF sooner. We have read it every day since we have been in VT and discussed how wonderful and unique VT is. There is a pride and sense of community like few other places we have been. We wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience.

Calais Community Root Cellar

“As you may remember from previous Front Porch Forum posts, the Calais Vermontivate team won first place in the community division. This means we earned $1,000 toward our mission of building a community root cellar. We will soon be working on the design for a root cellar in the basement of the Maple Corner Community Center. We don’t know yet how big it will be, but, it would help to know — who will want space here to store your roots? Send me an email to let me know if you want to participate.”
• Ginny, Calais FPF

Donating picnic table made quick and easy

“I had no idea what to do with the large wood picnic table with attached benches we inherited when we moved in. I finally thought to post it on FPF, and had 3 takers within 2 days. I hope my neighbors down the street enjoy many a meal on their new (to them) table.  Thank you, Front Porch Forum!”
• Anne, Birchcliff neighborhood FPF in Burlington

Middletown Spring neighbors take good fences

“FPF ‘Faster Than a Speeding Bullet’… My posting on free fencing had not even appeared in my own in-box when I got a call from someone who’s picking up the fencing and T posts tomorrow. Neighbor-to-neighbor… bringing us all closer together!”
• Linda, Middletown Springs Front Porch Forum

How to untangle MS Word and Outlook problems

“Once again, FPF has proven a godsend, as I am able to get some computer help from a neighbor. This is one instance in which the wretched machine is a boon! For your kindness, I am grateful.”
• Sherry, Weybridge Cornwall Front Porch Forum