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Who to thank in Warren?

“I’d love to know who spotted the fallen tree on my driveway off Old Farm Lane, removed it and cut it to firewood length. I’ve asked all the likely friends and still don’t know. Thank you whoever you are!”
• Howard, Mad River Valley Front Porch Forum

Isle La Motte perennials donated

“Thank for all who donated perennials to make my flower beds look better, I really appreciate the kindness. Thank you also to Front Porch Forum for providing a space for community members to be “community” minded.”
• Anne, Isle La Motte FPF

Heavy lifting needed? Ask Vergennes neighbors

“I need two fit persons to move 4-5 pieces of furniture, carefully, back onto our refinished pine floor… a table, sideboard, desk and a couch. No stairs, all are on the same level.”

• Paul, Vergennes FPF

“Our thanks to both Front Porch Forum, which proved its worth once again, and Martin and Scott who rescued us this morning and got all the furniture back in place.”
• Paul, Vergennes FPF, next day

Three dogs roam Belvidere… home now

“HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped in all ways. Dogs were found and taken care of so well. Love Front Porch Forum.”
• Kathy, Cambridge FPF

Cali the missing Maine Coon cat gets the message

“My post about our missing Maine Coon cat was published within minutes of submitting it. I received a response from a neighbor not long after. Then a few hours later, she finally showed up at our door. Maybe she heard that people were looking for her! Thank you Front Porch Forum. This is an extraordinarily valuable community service.”
• Sherry, Waterbury FPF