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Why did the bear cross the road in Middlesex?

Posted by Charles on the Middlesex FPF today…

Another bear sighting. This one was a good size and crossed Rt. 100 just north of the recycling center around 9:20 pm on MondayThe answer to the age old question of why did the (insert bear in place of chicken) cross the road seems obvious:
To be mentioned on Front Porch Forum.

Cat that reads

#VT - “We just want to thank everyone who reported sitings of our wayward cat, Zoe. She decided to return early Tuesday morning completely happy, healthy and none-the-worse for her travels after almost three weeks away. Clearly, she reads Front Porch Forum.”

Shared by Jill on the Starksboro FPF today.

New twist on “dog ate my homework”

#VT – Hey neighbors! This is an odd bulletin but I wanted to share with you that after hiking with my dog at the gorge (aka Cady’s Falls swimming hole) yesterday he became ill in the late afternoon. He presented with ataxia (wobbliness), dry nose and then later in the night he lost control of his bladder and was constantly incontinent. I took him to the emergency vet in Burlington only for them to give him a drug test and find he was high as a kite on pot. Thankfully this wasn’t lethal, but after the two hour drive and $150 vet bill it also isn’t as humorous as it may sound. He threw up quite a bit of stems and other debris this morning and he’s still pretty out of it.

The only place he could have come into contact with this was at the gorge and he did indeed do the normal lab thing of digging around, trying to (and I guess successfully) eating things and rolling in who knows what, so I’m supposing he found someone’s lost stash. I’m hoping this is an isolated incident but if you are hiking with your pup out there please keep a very close eye on them.

Shared by Rebecca on her Morristown Front Porch Forum today.

It takes a village to raise a teenager…

#VT - “Looking for a loud and obnoxious (& cheap) alarm clock to get my teen up in the morning.  I’m sure there must be a few of them out there?”

That’s my favorite Front Porch Forum posting of the hour… from Peter on the Waterbury FPF.

Vermont connection to The Simpsons?

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 3.32.49 PM#BTV #VT - Posted by Nicki Feldman on the Underhill Front Porch Forum today…

My brother, Ben Feldman, is 1 of 3 finalists chosen out of 25,000 for a contest on the Simpsons Television Show! The winner will have their illustration animated on the season finale.

I am being a shameless sister and asking if you would please vote for him…check it out!!


Thank you and stay warm : )


#VT - Our neighbor came over early this morning all upset. His friend had to undergo surgery and needed someone to watch his dog, and neighbor agreed. The dog is 15 years old, disinclined to wander, and neighbor found that when the dog wanted to go out it never went beyond the sidewalk so it was let out without a leash.

His friend finally came home from the hospital and desperately wanted to see his dog. Neighbor had just let the dog out, but when he went to retrieve it the dog was gone!

Neighbor described the dog to me, asked if I’d seen it, and part of his description was that the dog wore a sweater and had incredible halitosis, even for a dog.

Last night on FPF there were two mentions of a stray dog found downtown, and one of the postings mentioned that the dog had some nasty smelling breath. I put two and two together, gave neighbor the phone numbers listed on the FPF postings, and dog and recovering owner are now enjoying each other’s company. Good job FPF folks!

Shared by Ted on the Bristol Front Porch Forum today.