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Delightfully Vermonty and enriching our communities

Our members remind us of the value of our mission: Helping Neighbors Connect

“Our Front Porch Forum is delightfully Vermonty AND useful, so we urge you to join up!”  • Roger in Warren

FPF is a wonderful resource and way to stay in touch with what is happening in our community.” • Judy in Barre

“This forum is great – it has helped me find things and answer questions.” • Mary in Bennington

Front Porch Forum is a fun means of staying in touch with my neighborhood and a resource when I want to offer something (usually a freebie) that I do not want to take to the landfill. It makes my life better.” • Sandy in South Burlington

“As a long time user of FPF I have used this forum to sell things,  search for needed items, and even find a tutor.  I am sending a small donation to show my appreciation and gratitude and to personally thank you for starting this forum!!!!” • Anne-Marie in Isle La Motte

Thanks to our FPF Supporting Members across the state! And if you’ve been meaning to make a year-end contribution… now’s the time!

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