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What goes in your attic?

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2018 by No comments yet

What goes through your attic hatch other than your parents’ slide projector, the fondue set, and your prize winning ugly sweater? A lot of that heat you’re paying for 🔥💰😨.

Which is why FPF encourages you to insulate your attic hatch.  Especially since the folks at Button Up Vermont will cover the cost of some of those materials!  Learn how to earn up to $100 back by getting at least three DIY checklist items done at

As for those items stored in our attic we no longer want, Front Porch Forum members are finding new homes for them!

“Would you like a complete dart board set containing bristle dart board, darts, play instructions and manual with double dry erase score boards? It’s a beautiful set that has been in the attic for years.” • Judy in Burlington

“I have 2 twin size box springs in very good condition that i would like to find a new home for. They have been stored in the attic for a few years.”  • Priscilla in Stowe

Front Porch Forum is proud to be Button Up Vermont’s Community Partner, helping our neighbors be ready for winter.

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