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Tour de Piglet

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 by 2 comments

Another neighbor celebrates the homecoming of their family pets by sharing the story of their missing piglets on Front Porch Forum.

 Christopher Carson @bhris1017 Christopher Carson @bhris1017“After enjoying a tour of the neighborhood fields, our piglets have returned home. Their human caretakers also enjoyed the tour of the neighborhood fields, getting to meet a few more neighbors along the way, before tracking the piglets back up the hill to our place, where we found them back in their pen, gorging on grain and enjoying their wallow, and wondering what took us so long to get back. Ah well, it was a nice day to be outside, and we know it was our turn to add some FPF interest!”  -Rosie in Montpelier

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  1. pat Fullem says:

    Thanks for the piglet adventure! They are a great little package of many an exciting adventure and friendship to come! and remember, any part of the pig is pork. Tasty little rascals!!

  2. Leslie Walz says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story of the lost piglets! You have a great sense of humor! They know a good home when they’ve got one…

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