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TV for Stowe church

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2016 by No comments yet

“Looking for a TV to be used at the church for Sunday school. A flat screen would be great to show videos!… but we could use a TV that has a combo DVD player. Please let us know soon as it is needed on Sunday, Nov. 6! Thanks a bunch.”
• Cathy, Stowe FPF

“I sent out a request for a TV for the church and had an immediate response. THANK YOU SO MUCH for quick response! This is why I love Front Porch Forum!”
• Cathy, Stowe FPF next day

Burlington home ransacked

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“Greetings, Centennial Front Porch Forum Members: Please be advised there was a violent break-in at my home on Grove Street. They had time to ransack my home and look through everything. Nothing was left untouched. Cash, a few personal items and a bicycle were the only items stolen. Just posting this to make others aware that there may be more criminal activity around your home, too. Be on alert, and also be neighborly by watching suspicious activity around your neighbors’ homes, too. Thanks for listening. Have a great day.”
• Christopher, Burlington neighborhood FPF

Foliage viewing suggestions… ask neighbors on FPF

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“A huge thank you to everyone who emailed me about spots to view Montpelier foliage! We checked out several of the most common spots recommended already and got absolutely gorgeous pictures. I have several more on the list to check out this weekend. Front Porch Forum is awesome!”
• Kate, Montpelier FPF