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Not smart to steal in view of Calais game camera

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016 by No comments yet

“To the persons that stole my tree stand and ladder located high in a tree behind John’s house but on Rick’s property (thank you both): I am a nice person and believe those who steal are clearly idiots or just having an idiotic moment. Either way, when in woods near a tree stand, tagged multiple times with owner’s name and address, one should smile more, you know, for the game camera set up near the stand.  I want to believe you were doing me a favor in taking down my stand to deliver to my address.  I am even willing to give you until Monday before I report you and your photos to the state police.  See, I really am a nice person, but I want my tree stand back.  Bring it back to where you found it, put it the near the tree, or bring to my house and I will not file charges. I will pray for you though, either way… You need that more than my tree stand.”
• Candi, Calais Front Porch Forum

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