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“2001 Volvo wagon I posted sold yesterday. Thanks to Front Porch Forum and to all who inquired.”
• Marvin, Charlotte FPF

“Talk about the power of our FPF!! I had posted free a CD player, Bose speakers and TV yesterday. The items were all spoken for within 10 minutes of the posting!!!  I received 30+ responses so far and have tried to respond to each to explain items were gone plus thank them for their interest. If I missed anyone my apologies.  So great to have a way to reach out and repurpose items rather than add to trash.  This is why I support FPF with a donation each year and urge those who can please do likewise.”
• Noah, Montpelier FPF

“We have one free twin bed left. Which is awesome since we inherited 6 unneeded beds when we bought our home. Thank you FPF!”
• Kristel, Stowe FPF

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