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Lost necklace found and returned in Montpelier

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 by No comments yet

“Sentimental value- My mother & I were walking about 4:00pm Sat. on the Hubbard Park road from the new shelter (where we parked our car) up to the tower, climbed the tower, took a selfie photo of us up there (& saw she still had her necklace on then), & walked back the same way. When she got home my mother realized her necklace was missing.  If found please email me asap (It’s my mother’s birthday today, & I’d love to find that necklace for her!) *Thank-you*, *thank-you*.”
• Karen, Montpelier FPF

“Thank-you responders, you are awesome, Front Porch Forum is awesome, my mother’s lost necklace was found on the Hubbard Park road to the tower, & returned! What a wonderful community, & a wonderful end of the day surprise of lost but then found, & in time for my mother’s birthday! Yay! She was very very happy!”
• Karen, Montpelier FPF, next day

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