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Lost monkey spotted in Jericho

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 by No comments yet

“On Thursday, my 9-month-old grandson tossed his favorite take-along toy out of the stroller in Mills River Park. It most likely was left on the trail to the off-leash area. It is a cloth, hot pink monkey holding a banana. It has a white plastic ring on it. I believe it is Lamaze brand. If anyone picked it up or knows its whereabouts, I’d be really glad to get it back.”
• Marilyn, Jericho FPF, Sept. 1

“A reader spotted the pink monkey toy on the bridge at the park but it was gone this morning when my daughter went to retrieve it. If anyone picked it up or knows where it is now, we are still eagerly looking for it. Bright pink monkey,holding yellow banana, on a white plastic ring. Lost in Mills River Park on Thursday. Thank you!!”
• Marilyn, Jericho FPF, Sept. 3

“Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the monkey toy. We have made a connection with someone to get it back and we are very glad. Cheers to all of you and Front Porch Forum!! Such a great community and a great community resource!!”
• Marilyn, Jericho FPF, Sept. 4

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