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Bear opens garage door and helps himself in Fayston

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 by 1 comment

“We live near German Flats and had a bear get into our closed garage door, lifting it right open! Muddy paw prints on the door… Our plan now: replace our garage door as soon as we can with one that we can lock, eliminate food from our garbage by putting all food scraps in the freezer until the morning of garbage pick-up, and put ammonia in our trash bin as suggested by someone on Front Porch Forum — thank you! I appreciate all the suggestions and warnings of bears in the area. Whatever the cause, I think it’s important to keep each other informed so that we can find ways together to stop feeding the bears. Feeding any kind of wild animal isn’t good for them either.”
• Jessica, Mad River Valley FPF

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One comment

  1. We had a bear join us for breakfast out on our patio this morning in Underhill, VT. We had put out our bird feeder earlier in the morning after taking it in at night. The bear was not afraid of humans and would not leave until all the sunflower seeds were gone.

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