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Sammy back home in Jericho… sleeping like a pup

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016 by No comments yet

130206142433-snow-golden-deuce-irpt-horizontal-large-gallery“My dog got out last night around 10:00pm. My husband is out of town and I could only look for him for about an hour with our 18-month-old. I am really worried because his tag only has my husband’s cell on it. His name is Sammy and he likes to wonder down by Raceway. Please if anyone see him if you can call or email me.”
• Kendra, Jericho Front Porch Forum

“I’m writing to express my gratitude to Linda, who cared for my energetic 10-year-old golden retriever late last night and this morning. Additionally I also want to thank everybody who responded to my FPF post… I really appreciate being part of such an amazing community. SAMMY is exhausted from his journey and is sleeping like a little pup. Again thank you all!”
• Kendra, Jericho FPF later the same day

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