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Montpelier teen hit by Jeep responds

Posted on Monday, November 30, 2015 by No comments yet

What an impressive kid… posting below in the Montpelier FPF recently…

Two weeks ago I was hit by a car and my mom posted a note to Front Porch Forum about this. I just wanted to give a big thanks to all the people who responded with advice, kindness, and support after this event. Also, a big thanks to Freeride Community Bike Shop on Barre St, who gave me parts and helped me rebuild my bike. You should definitely check them out sometime!

And here’s his mom’s initial posting…

To the Driver That Hit My Son on His Bike with Your Car: My 15-year-old was hit tonight at 5:50pm on State Street near the DMV riding his bike across the cross walk. The man driving the car did not even get out. Just yelled out the window “Are you ok?”. Although my son was not physically injured as he was thrown to the ground from his bike I want you to know that his bike was totaled. He saved up for that bike by himself working as a page at our public library. My son was too polite and too inexperienced in these matters to ask for any of your information. Shame on you for your irresponsible, dangerous behavior. Shame on you for not even getting out of your car. If anyone has any information or witnessed a Jeep Cherokee hitting a kid on a bike and then taking off on the evening of Friday Nov. 13 please let us know.

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