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Waterbury Shaw’s employee earns praise

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 by No comments yet

Posted on the Waterbury Front Porch Forum yesterday…

Today I had an excellent example of going that extra mile for a customer!

I was in a difficult situation. I needed flowers for First Holy Communion tomorrow… It was 90 degrees plus in the parking lot and I had my little dog, Ollie in the car with me which was fine when the A/C was running… And there was no way I would risk him… And I was not feeling well. I called the store and asked if someone could help me… explaining my circumstances. They said yes and would send someone out.

A young adult came out and was so kind and helpful. He went back and forth to find what I needed and happily went back to pay for the flowers and bring me them and my change.

He refused a tip and was very grateful to hear me say what a great help he had been to me!

This employee showed what it truly meant to go that extra mile and happily!  Thanks!

Followed by this posting on today’s Waterbury FPF by the proud mother…

I am delighted to hear that my son is being the respectful young man that his father and I have raised him to be.  I just want to thank you for saying kind words about him. He loves to go out of his way to help someone and so happy that it meant so much to you to post it on the community Front Porch Forum. Way to go, son, very proud of you! Thanks for making her day a little easier and better.

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