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Many thanks to many neighbors

Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2015 by No comments yet

I was hiking through the golf course on Saturday and lost my phone while wandering around for two hours. Saw many hikers, skiers, dog walkers, and many took my number and offered to call for the next hour or so, hoping it would alert someone. The dog walker even suggested I let her dog sniff my glove because he was a good tracker. She promised to leave the phone on my car if she found it. After an additional hour of looking, I figured it was hopeless. Got in my car, but decided to go to upper parking lot and try one more time, retracing steps. Unbelievably, I found it, but more unbelievable is that in the last 45 minutes I had 14 missed calls recorded on my phone — all my helpers! When I called one number back, the most persistent, to thank him and tell him how astounded I was at so many calls, his response was: “Welcome to Vermont.” Warms my heart.

Shared by Pat on her Front Porch Forum in the South End of Burlington today.

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