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Moose in Burlington’s Five Sisters neighborhood

Posted on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 by 2 comments

Shared by Sue on today’s Five Sisters Front Porch Forum

image-2Roger, sharp-eyed and vigilant Charlotte Street neighbor, caught a snap of our Tuesday morning neighbor…

Reports Roger: “It was surreal seeing a moose waltzing down Charlotte St.”

Neighborhood dogs (well, one in particular) say: “Surreal schmurreal. Where’s the blood pressure medicine?”

Others reported on FPF seeing the moose near Oakledge Park.

Check out Nik’s video in the comments… next to Calahan Park in Burlington.

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  1. nik ponzio says:

    The moose walked right into our back yard and my wife got this

  2. kathy mallon says:

    last time that I saw a moose in that neighborhood was in 1995 down near Ledgewood. He hung around for awhile

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