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$20 bill lost and found

Posted on Friday, April 25, 2014 by No comments yet

From Stacy on the Montpelier FPF…

A few days ago, I posted my concern about a wayward $20 bill I found on Liberty St. It seemed like a shot in the dark at the time, but would you believe, I found the owner?

Shortly after my post appeared, I received an email from a FPF member who lives near the corner of St. Paul Street and Liberty. (This is exactly where I found it, 5 days later, in a windstorm.) In her words: “I had it tucked into the console in my car, and as I was unloading kids and groceries, I remembered that there had been car break-ins in the area. So I thought, I better not leave money in the car — and from there I have no idea what happened. I thought I tucked it into one of my bags, but it never showed up. Looks like my own spaciness is more threatening than potential car-burglars!”

So the bill was lost …and then found…. all thanks to Front Porch Forum!

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