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Fellow Jogger on Cochran Rd in Richmond, VT

Posted on Friday, April 11, 2014 by No comments yet

Shared by Peggy on the Richmond Front Porch Forum today…

Yesterday morning. 7am. Running east on Cochran Rd. About one and a half miles from the Round Church.Coming towards me a woman stops her car and rolls down the window. “There’s a moose running this way down the road. You might want to get out of the way. They can get nasty.” Where do I go? I cross the road and, sure enough, here it comes over the hill. No antlers, is it female? I decide to stand very still and avert my face. Do I look like a tree? But I don’t want to miss any of this so I slide my eyes to the left. The moose takes no notice of me. She is in a big hurry and there are two cars following her. She goes her way and I go mine. Thirty minutes later I return to town and crossing the bridge I see a moose swimming downstream. I think I know her. I stand at the rail and watch until she disappears.

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